Taiji Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Tai Chi Influence on Immunologic Function

Tai Chi plays important roles in promoting defense function of body, this is why Tai Chi is able to cure diseases and prolong the life.

How Tai Chi Chuan Influences Blood and Digestive System

Research results show that the practice of Tai Chi is able to effectively lower red cell accumulation, blood viscosity and fibrinogen content. This explains that Tai Chipractice may promote relative stability of human internal circumstances.

Tai Chi Influence on Respiratory System

The function of respiratory system effects body health heavily. A number of research results show that practice of Tai Chi is able to effectively enlarge the vital capacity, improve lung organization structure, and cure many respiratory system diseases.

Tai Chi Health Protection Function to Different Systems

A number of experiment results show that: Persistent practice of Tai Chi may remarkably improve and moderate functions of different systems of the body.

Tai Chi Morphological Requirement: the Theory of Six Connections

The Theory of Six Connections is also a basic morphological requirement of Tai Chi, it is composed of “three out side connections” and “three inside connections”.

Tai Chi Chuan Three-Sector Theory

In Tai Chi sports, the body is divided into several sectors from the aspect of configurative anatomy, and the ancient practitioners established the traditional three-sector theory.

Taijiquan Circle Track Movement Viewpoint

The influence of Tai Chi movement on human body achieves through laying physical and mental burdens on practitioners, revoking respondent changes in the body and promoting the function of organism.

Tai Chi Associated with Human Health

With its rich philosophical foundation and remarkable health protection effect, Chinese Tai Chi has attracted interest of a number of people across the world.

Taijiquan Law of Neutrality and Self-discipline

The circle that contains the idea of integration of conflicting parties and the S-shaped diving line that indicates the idea of middlebrow of dynamic equilibrium of various forces are contributive to the “Law of Neutrality and Self-discipline.”

Taiji converse movement principle

“Converse movement principle formed on this rule requires that Tai Chi practioners should follow the Yin and Yang transforming rule, begin movement from the reverse of final aim in order to receive the ultimate effect of exercise and strengthen it. Concrete methods could be divided into two kinds.