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Taijiquan Circle Track Movement Viewpoint

The influence of Tai Chi movement on human body achieves through laying physical and mental burdens on practitioners, revoking respondent changes in the body and promoting the function of organism.

Tai Chi Associated with Human Health

With its rich philosophical foundation and remarkable health protection effect, Chinese Tai Chi has attracted interest of a number of people across the world.

Taijiquan Law of Neutrality and Self-discipline

The circle that contains the idea of integration of conflicting parties and the S-shaped diving line that indicates the idea of middlebrow of dynamic equilibrium of various forces are contributive to the “Law of Neutrality and Self-discipline.”

Taiji converse movement principle

“Converse movement principle formed on this rule requires that Tai Chi practioners should follow the Yin and Yang transforming rule, begin movement from the reverse of final aim in order to receive the ultimate effect of exercise and strengthen it. Concrete methods could be divided into two kinds.

Tai Chi Principle: Comply with Yin and Yang

Tai Chi philosophy originated from “Change has Tai Chi which produces two elements,” the two elements are Yin and Yang.

Taiji Principle of Drawing Out the Outer Through the Inner

Tai Chi practioners consider those formless biological organism such as the body’s consciousness, breath and strength “the inner”; treat those visible “forms” such as human body, it’s serene gesture and movement as “the outer”, and they put forward “the principle of drawing out the outer through the inner”.

Taiji Principle of Preserving Health with Movements

Tai Chi is origin for all things to be generated and developed. It is also origin of natural movement and life movement.