Super Mankind Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Evolution into high-leveled super mankind of eternal life

In today’s mankind,their disesteem and overlook of the value of life are astounding, especially in our great populous country educated by the ancient tenet of “dying to achieve virtue”. On the early morning of June 23, 2005, a 40-year-old farmer migrant worker from Gansu Province, Wang Guoqing, was detained by three law enforcement officers. They […]

Mankind is trying to change its evolutionary process

If we say the new culture, new mankind and new world refer to the whole horizontal development of mankind, then, the new mankind, high mankind and super mankind (immortals) refer to the whole vertical development of mankind. The coincidence point of the horizontal and vertical coordinates of human development is the new mankind (as is […]

A stormy revolution of mankind will begin from our hands

Wang Xiaoping talks on New Mankind, High Mankind and Super Mankind Right on the day when God created man, HE regretted! Mankind is the first creature that tries to change its own evolutionary process!  Can mankind prolong its life time? Can it change its track of fate? How can mankind realize its “lofty ambition” to […]