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Financial Markets Outlook: 2010 Revival in Stock and Equity Markets

In 2009, syndi­cated loan deals involving developing coun­tries amounted to $123 billion, compared with $259 billion in 2008. As spreads declined and the acute risk aversion of the immediate post-crisis period eased, investors started moving back some of the money that had been withdrawn from developing-country capital. markets.

Investing Guide: Take Chinese Middle Class Consumers as Major Market

Asian shares trade mostly lower as sentiment takes a hit following weaker-than-expected consumer confidence data out of the U.S. Dow Jones Newswires’ Puja Rajeev reports.

Stock Market Managed Modest Gain Adding to Investors’ Confusion of Economy

The stock market eked out a gain Friday as investors took downbeat economic news in stride. The mixed reports added to investors’ confusion about the economy. Investors were unwilling to make big moves ahead of economic reports next week.

Assess Resources at Our Disposal and Rebuild Retirement Plan Right Now

Salvaging your retirement plan becomes largely a matter of plugging your data into a retirement calculator to help you juggle your priorities in a way that’s most appropriate to your situation.

Global Stock Market in Late January; Wall Street's Dow Tumbles 116

Thursday’s selloff landed the markets in the red on the week, adding to last week’s plunge, which was the Dow’s worst since March 2009. Wall Street continues to respond negatively to earnings season in the face of a number of upbeat results.

Sugar Prices Continue Rising as Output Drop by 10%

Top sugar producer state Maharashtra is projected to increase its output by 3% but the recovery rate for sucrose is lower. Current data of sugar processed up to December-January shows a drop of almost 10% in UP alone and around 2.5% countrywide, compared to the same time last year.

Next Reliable Support 4,800 For Market's Drop Target

Financials were also down with the Bank Nifty losing somewhat less than the market but most bank stocks closed bearish. The market crashed in the last two sessions with the Nifty bouncing from 4,955 level to close at 5,036 points for a week-on-week loss of 4.12 per cent.

Developing Tendency of Future Economy

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