small businesses Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

How to Get More Customers to Propel Marketing for Your Small Business

One of the biggest mistakes people make in marketing their services is to simply PUSH information about their services and themselves out to prospects and hope that this will result in attracting prospects. The result is that most small business marketing falls into the bottom of the boat instead of propelling your business forward.

Five Business Insurance Protect You from Unexpected Financial Risks

Business insurance is generally not required by law, however, it is common practice to purchase enough insurance to cover your assets. It protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events.

Rental Business Tips: How to Deal with Your Tenants' Late Payment

In rental business, rent payment is one of the most important thing. Running a rental business is not really that easy. Once the tenant is late in settling his monthly rent, this can really be a headache for the landlord.

Business Opportunities: Hottest Long-term Trends in Small Business

What’s the most profitable small businesses in nowadays? How about kids trainning or pet vacations? Here’s a look at some top business ideas that turned into great opportunities for small businesses.

Make Money Online: Steps and Skills to Run Online Business

Internet provides great opportunities for small businesses, but doing business online requires new strategies. When you start an online business for first time, what should be taken into account?