Second Declaration Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Improve Health: Become Gods by Science – Technologies

Some people assert: talents come from eating. In the future, we could create the most effective, remarkable and marvelous “talent recipes”, “long life recipes”, “youth recipes”, “beauty recipes” and etc… by high-tech of biology. There are 3 approaches to improve health by science & technologies: gene-revising, combination of man and computer, and super multi-dimension. Applying […]

Two Gods of Human Being

Yesterday Adam Smith called the market “a hidden hand”; today, we called the science & technology “a hidden head”. In 17th century AD, Bacon said: “Science pulls us closely to God”; in 21st century AD, we believe that “Science is god!” New science and technologies are emerging one after another. The using of science and […]

Great Happiness PK Happiness Formula

From Epicurus’s philosophy “Happy Principle” to Bentham’s “Seven principles for happiness”, we could see the western philosophers’ deep understandings about happiness. The Chinese Confucian scholars also praise highly on happiness, for example, the Analects of Confucius are full of mottoes about happiness. Happiness everyday×Living forever and never growing old = Maximum happiness·unlimited happiness =  Great […]

New Concept of Development in New Century

Development is of overriding importance. Mr. Deng Xiaoping’s famous saying has become Chinese people’s belief. For the development, we should take into account: what development do we need? What shall we do? If we let Marx come to life, leave him 24 hours to get to know the new world, firstly give him 3 hours […]

Development Tendency of Mankind

Wang Xiaoping opens his eyes tiredly and found a beautiful lady with brown hair smiling at and saying to him, “Welcome to the year of 2050! You are given 5 minutes to stay, what are your wishes? What would you like to know about year of 2050? ” Wang Xiaoping is too surprised to close […]

The Second Declaration on futurology after publication of Ability Panic

      Wang Xiaoping is a very excellent girl. She is courageous enough to break away from mundane traditional ideas and walk independently, and also bold enough to open her mind to the society.      The Second Declaration is another book of hers on futurology after the publication of her Ability Panic that propagates the Dacheng wisdom, […]