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Science creates gods, technology boosts the abrupt change from man to god

Science and technology create gods; Science and technology constitute the way for the abrupt change from man to god. Labor creates mankind; Labor is the way for the abrupt change from ape to man. “One person equals one country”, that is the value of a great genius! One person may change one country’s position in […]

Why We Believe in Experts Nonsense

Experts’ talking nonsense is inevitable, and they may even abuse the credit the society and the public have placed on them, using the mass media to spread a lot of nonsense to mislead the public and the society. Here,if we have no independent thinking ability,trust everything to experts,it will be very dangerous, and will ruin […]

Monkey King Gave Mankind a Lesson on Immortality

In learning from Sun Wukong,we should not only learn from his firmness and over-absorption of mind in seeking the most valuable ability, but also learn from his thorough understanding of life and death and his longest view on life. In comparison with Sun Wukong the Monkey King, mankind are far more foolish. Even till now, […]