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Great revolution in future salary system

Judging from the macro aspect,unemployment is often a structural unemployment. While people are complaining about saturation of posts, many things in dire need to be done are not done by anyone. According to statistics,in the seven big cities of China, the vacant posts for house upkeep and mending workers, hour-workers and home tutors alone are […]

A stormy revolution of mankind will begin from our hands

Wang Xiaoping talks on New Mankind, High Mankind and Super Mankind Right on the day when God created man, HE regretted! Mankind is the first creature that tries to change its own evolutionary process!  Can mankind prolong its life time? Can it change its track of fate? How can mankind realize its “lofty ambition” to […]

Recommendations by Experts for The Second Declaration

Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management and Master in Masters, said that, the next information revolution is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software, or speed; it is a revolution in CONCEPTS. The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping will raise a revolution in concepts. Recommendations by Experts: A wise girl thinks wisely, utters her wisdom, […]

Acclaim for the Birth of Great Thoughts

Obviously, the author wants to emphasize the importance of the thought put forward by this book and to mention it in the same breath of evolutionism. And it guides the evolutionism as the first declaration of human. To think carefully, it may be not reasonable. Evolutionism is to discover and admit the existing fact and […]