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Assess Resources at Our Disposal and Rebuild Retirement Plan Right Now

Salvaging your retirement plan becomes largely a matter of plugging your data into a retirement calculator to help you juggle your priorities in a way that’s most appropriate to your situation.

Can "American Dream" Save Your Retirement and Tax System

How can it be solved? By using a Traditional IRA, a SEP-IRA, and some other tax-advantaged accounts, Billy could actually shield a big chunk of his income from taxes and ensure those funds are able to grow tax-free for a long, long time.

2010 Expert Guide: Suggestions for Early Retirement and Stocks Management

Kevin and Janice Ford, 51 and 50, automotive plant manager and business consultant, Northville, Mich. Both of them want to retire early and have much time to enjoy life. Is it wise enough from the economic point of view?