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China Scenic Spots of Kunlun Mountain and Qinghai Province

1、   Qinghai in July 2、  A Harvest of Pilose Deer Horn 3、  The Holy Origin of Yellow Lamaism 4、  A Travel to the Huang Nan Budhism 5、  Grand Golden Tile Hall, Small Golden Tile Hall 6、  Bronze Statue of the 10th Generation Panchen Lama 7、  Su You Hua Guan—A Calligraphy by Chairman Jiang Zemin 8、  […]

Qinghai Tour Album – Beautiful Place Near From You

Qinghai Province is a cherubic place in China. With the coming of the new millennium, Qinghai is calling for ancient vocation, bringing the sanctity and mystification, coming from long history, along with the hopeful road which is developed by Huanghe River and Yangtze River pouring down to the sea and the world. It is dreaming […]

Qutan Temple – palace building of Ming Dynasty

Qutan Temple is a typical palace-style building of early Ming Dynasty, more than five hundred years away. The temple is located in a castle of almost rectangular shape running from the west to the east with an overall layout arranged in front, middle and rear yards on a central axis. The temple is running high […]

Religious Culture of Qinghai Province China

Qinghai Province is the birthplace of Zongkaba, founder of Gelu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, where Dalai Lama XIV and Panchen Lama X were born, hence Gelu Sect has become influential. There are 304 temples in Qinghai, more than 20 of which are well known at home and abroad. Taer Temple, Qutan Temple, Longwu Temple and […]