Qinghai Lake Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Qinghai Tour Album – Beautiful Place Near From You

Qinghai Province is a cherubic place in China. With the coming of the new millennium, Qinghai is calling for ancient vocation, bringing the sanctity and mystification, coming from long history, along with the hopeful road which is developed by Huanghe River and Yangtze River pouring down to the sea and the world. It is dreaming […]

Tibetan Dance with beautiful gesture and strong rhythm

Tibetan people are warm-hearted, bold, inhibited and good at singing and dancing. Tibetan dances are featured by beautiful gesture and strong rhythm, among which, step dance, Guozhuang dance, string dance and etc. are the most popular and characteristic ones. The Tibetan people generally dance during pasturing or in holidays to entertain themselves and express their […]

Buha River – a wonderful pastoral picture

Buha River – a wonderful pastoral picture Buha River is 5km to the south of Jiermeng Commune near Qinghai Lake and in the river valley area to the southwest of Buha River Bridge. Featured by plenty of water and lush grass on both sides, a lot of birds and a broad field of vision, the […]

Bird Island – China national level natural preservation area

The Bird Island is located at the northwestern corner of Qinghai Lake and the entrance of Buha River to the lake. It is a national level natural preservation area. It is composed of five islands including Egg Island, Haixin Hill, Haixipi Island, Sand Island and Three-Stone Island as well as a water area, intertidal zone […]

Qinghai Lake – biggest salt water lake of China

Qinghai Lake – biggest salt water lake of China The area of Qinghai Lake, the biggest salt water lake of China, is 4,547km2. It sits among high mountains and grasslands like a huge jade dish. The water color of Qinghai Lake changes with the depth of water and temperature. The water is blue when it […]

Sun Moon Mountain – Red Mountain for its red rocks

Sun & Moon Mountain is at the east of Qinghai Lake. The mountain was historically called Red Mountain for its red rocks. It is the boundary of the central agricultural area and the Qinghai-Tibet pastoral area. The landscapes in the east and west sides of the mountain are totally different. There are many beautiful legends […]

Qilian Mountain – world influential mountain of China

Qilian Mountain, a world influential mountain of China Qilian Mountain is seated to the south of Hexi Corridor. The northwestern part of it is higher and the southeastern part is lower, but most of the mountain is more than 4,000m high. The highest peak is Gangzewujie Peak, whose elevation is 5,808m. Qilian Mountain is one […]