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Man Will Live Such a Long Life As God Does

In Chapter of Tolerance of Zhuangzi, there is a story about Yellow Emperor going into the mountains to seek the Way. Yellow Emperor ruled China for nineteen years, and his ruling was free from corruption. When he heard Guangchengzi (a sage) was living in Kongtong Mountain, he went to visit him. He said to Guangchengzi: […]

Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly

 Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly;Technological leaps have broke up the myth that everything was created by God;Maybe, it is just because of the technological revolution that Nietzschean cried “God has died”.  Technological impediments are not so hard to overcome or break through,and in contrast,what is hardest to break through or cross over is the […]

Dream and Truth – Where Mankind will go

Dream and Truth – Where Mankind will go May 5, 2055 is a day of historical meaning. Who can imagine, by taking out a cell from the hair to clone, plus the magical artificial intelligence system, we can “revive” a dead great person? Not long ago, the top life scientists and artificial intelligence experts in […]