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Monkey King Gave Mankind a Lesson on Immortality

In learning from Sun Wukong,we should not only learn from his firmness and over-absorption of mind in seeking the most valuable ability, but also learn from his thorough understanding of life and death and his longest view on life. In comparison with Sun Wukong the Monkey King, mankind are far more foolish. Even till now, […]

Fundamental quantum leaps in technology

All kinds of fundamental quantum leaps in technology,such as multi-media technology, Internet technology, nanometer technology, gene technology, have come so suddenly;Especially some scientists have announced: “Judging from the progress of gene deciphering, before the year 2030,mankind will be able to master the gene that controls aging so as to prolong man’s life and realize the […]

God-sleeping Industry and Eternal Life Economy

God-sleeping means taking a long sleep like a god,waiting for resurgence or revival later. Today,the fast progress in nanometer technology, stem cell technology and other high technologies, has offered the chance for us to “revive” some day…  Those who are zealous for revival through refrigeration are just the elite of the time, that is, excellent […]