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Medical Suggestions on troublesome heart medications

Medical Suggestions on troublesome heart medications. Tips for troublesome medications, from the Harvard Heart Letter Bad reactions to a prescribed medication send more than 175,000 older Americans to the emergency room each year. Just 10 commonly used medications—almost all of them for heart disease or diabetes— account for half of these reactions. The March 2008 […]

Cancer drug Avastin can cause kidney damage?

Doctors See How Cancer Drug Can Damage Kidneys. The sometimes controversial cancer drug Avastin can cause kidney damage by doing what it’s supposed to — but in the wrong place, a study shows. Avastin, whose generic name is bevacizumab, is the first member of a family of drugs designed to attack cancers by cutting off […]

Experts put potential risks upon report that drugs are in water supply

Experts put potential risks upon report that drugs are in water supply Are there really drugs in our drinking water? Tiny amounts of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, and other drugs — are in our drinking water supplies, according to a media report. In an investigation by the Associated Press, drinking water supplies […]

Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine: Introduction of the Chinese Medical Classic

Introduction to Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine, the Chinese Medical Classic What kind of book is Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine? History will tell you. (Note: For translation reasons, this book is also translated and called The The Medical Classic Of The Yellow Emperor, or Inner Classic of The Yellow Emperor.) In the […]

Technological Medicine for Eternal Life

No incurable disease will be incurable forever, and any disease will find a cure at last. Since the ancient times, medical science has played a great role in mankind’s conquest of diseases. Today, in the 21st century, along with continual advance in high and new technology,and with continual leaps in high and new medicine, the […]

Human Shall Learn Classical Novel Pilgrimage to the West

Chinese classical novel titled Journey to the West is well-known work in all the Chinese world. It has the other title Pilgrimage to the West. In the novel, the most attractive, most impressive and most lovable figure is Sun Wukong the Monkey King.  Sun Wukong started as a little stone monkey, rushed into the Dragon Palace to […]

Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly

 Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly;Technological leaps have broke up the myth that everything was created by God;Maybe, it is just because of the technological revolution that Nietzschean cried “God has died”.  Technological impediments are not so hard to overcome or break through,and in contrast,what is hardest to break through or cross over is the […]