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Ski and Snowsports Guide: Hold on to High Feeling on New Mexico’s Natural Peaks

A natural high in New Mexico. The slopes around Taos, N.M., accumulated their reputation over many years. The highest at Taos Ski Valley is 11,819 feet.

SANTA FE – If you’re looking for a different brand of skiing this winter, buckle up for a trip to New Mexico. It’s back to the future here in the snowy reaches of the southern Rocky Mountains, where 37 peaks tower more than 12,000 feet above the vast Colorado Plateau.

Mexico travel: What’s Doing in Mexico City

Mexico City’s reputation for crime and kidnapping should be no reason to avoid it, but take sensible precautions. The holidays add another layer of flavor to this hemisphere’s largest urban area. Each year about this time, Mexico City is reborn. After five months of seemingly endless rain, the cosmic tap shuts off, the tropical sun blazes forth, and the city dries out and warms up.