Marx Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Free Complex and Interest Commonwealth on Mankind Freedom

Future economy‘s business organizations will be both free complexes and interest commonwealths. The “free complex” is Marx and Engels‘ fine conception in their design of the communist society. The best future enterprise form should be the ideal prospect of communism, the free complex, which is unexpected to many people. In human nature, there is a […]

Becoming immortal is natural trend of human development

Becoming immortal, as the sublimation of human overall development, will be the natural trend of human development! Becoming “immortal” is a great generalization of high level of sustainable development and high level of all-round development of mankind, being the most comprehensive development of the human, and the final necessary result of limitless and constant development […]

Thorough liberation of mankind and overall development of human

We do not develop economy just for the sake of economic development, nor do we develop the society just for the sake of social development,but completely for the human. The purpose Marx stressed repeatedly from beginning to end is to realize “the thorough liberation of mankind and the overall development of the human”. In Marx’s […]

Great achievement in academic career means great accomplishment in knowledge

Great achievement in academic career means great accomplishment in knowledge, ability and general quality. Confucius said: “At fifteen, I had my mind bent on learning. At thirty, I stood firm. At forty, I had no doubts. At fifty, I knew the decrees of Heaven. At sixty, my ear was an obedient organ for the reception […]

Revaluate Longevity and Live Forever

In talking about longevity,people often think it is a matter that should be considered and cared about only by the “hoary-haired generation”. And as a matter of fact,usually, those who are interested in longevity are also old people in their evening of life. As they do not have many days left, their concern of longevity […]

Dream and Truth – Where Mankind will go

Dream and Truth – Where Mankind will go May 5, 2055 is a day of historical meaning. Who can imagine, by taking out a cell from the hair to clone, plus the magical artificial intelligence system, we can “revive” a dead great person? Not long ago, the top life scientists and artificial intelligence experts in […]

Important Lessons from The Second Declaration

        Darwin’s evolutionism helped the founding of Marxist philosophy. The fundamental point of Marxism is the liberation of the human. Marx proposed the theory of all-round development of the human in moral, intelligence, health, esthetics and enjoyment, and founded the great ideal of communist society. Marxist theory has transcended many Utopian socialist phantasies, inspired the […]

Human is God, or more precisely, capable people is God

Human is God, or more precisely, capable people is God. The capability of human is the embodiment of human’s essential strength and is also the main essential character of human. Marx had definitely pointed out that “the value of human is concealed in capability”. The body of human is worthless, not matter how large or […]