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Why We Believe in Experts Nonsense

Experts’ talking nonsense is inevitable, and they may even abuse the credit the society and the public have placed on them, using the mass media to spread a lot of nonsense to mislead the public and the society. Here,if we have no independent thinking ability,trust everything to experts,it will be very dangerous, and will ruin […]

Great minds for human civilization on longivity

Thoms Edison, Albert Einstein, Curie, Helen Keller, Roosevelt, Lu Xun, Chen Jingrun… If they could return or have been living till now, how much more material wealth and mental wealth they would have brought to the society, and what a great role they would play for human civilization! Saint-Simon wrote: “If France suddenly lost 50 […]

Revaluate Longevity and Live Forever

In talking about longevity,people often think it is a matter that should be considered and cared about only by the “hoary-haired generation”. And as a matter of fact,usually, those who are interested in longevity are also old people in their evening of life. As they do not have many days left, their concern of longevity […]

Christianity has created an illusory Paradise

Christianity has created an illusory Paradise, and designed a world of the other shore, offering people a “check that can never be cashed”;Buddhism has fabricated the theory of “Metempsychosis (transmigration)”,making people believe life is not “this time” or “this generation”,letting them fancy “the great Beyond” or “eternal life after death”. In fact, Socrates could have […]

Immortality seekers among Chinese emperors

Anyone fears death, anyone longs for a boundless life and a boundless youth. Whether you are a high official or a humble lackey;Whether you are a statesman, entrepreneur, artist, or an ordinary person, no one is exception. Only that emperors’ demand for this is more urgent. The reason is also very simple: their life is […]

Myth or Reality: Man Will Be Immortal

 Science is meant to conquer death,then, there will be no person dying in future. Condorcet said this long ago.  The beautiful Chang’e (goddess in the moon) was the wife of the hero Yi, who shot down nine suns, and because she had eaten the drug for eternal life, she flew into the Palace on the […]

Longevity in the Third Eye Sight

When I was wandering in a park,watching the fountain rushing up like a jade pole, an idea suddenly occurred to me:So long as the conditions are changed,the natural law of “water flows downward” should have been changed to the opposite artificially! “ As there is birth, there must be death” is the law we have […]

Revaluation of Longevity

When someone asked Buffett, the famous U.S. investor, “Once you become the top rich man in U.S., what other goals will you have?”,he answered without hesitation: “Become the person with the longest life in U.S.!”  Just as the ancient saying goes: “Of myriad things in the universe, longevity is the most valuable.” A long life […]

Wang Xiaoping, a girl endowed with both beauty and talent

Wang Xiaoping is a miraculous person, as her writing is so extensive and her thinking is so romantic;Her brilliant views and witty words may set people thinking. Maybe, in the eyes of a scholar, her writing is not so sound, but I appreciate her romantic style and odd ideas;Her theory on immortals has carried on the […]

Courageous and successful aspect of The Second Declaration

Comments from Life Scientistson on The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping        As early as 28 years ago, I believed “birth, aging, disease and death” are not the bottommost natural law of the life world, it is completely possible for mankind to conquer aging and realize “eternal living”, thus, I have committed myself to finding […]