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Investment in Science for Human Being to Become Gods

In the whole society and the whole world, the investment in science is greatly different from that in military affairs and war: the difference is so great as if between sky and sea. In 2004, the military expenditures all over the world exceeded one trillion US$,whereas the total investment in the genome project in one […]

Organism gene technology and life sciences put the laurel of God onto scientists heads

Science has won brilliant victories one after another, and science is speeding up mankind’s progress increasingly, making all impossibilities into possibilities very soon. As early as the 17th century,Bacon said, “Science has made us closer to God”. In the present 21st century, the organism gene technology and life science and technology have already put the […]

Longivity and Eternal Life from Third Eye

In this world,so long as we have the “three sufficients”, namely, sufficient intelligence, sufficient investment and sufficient time,any impossible wish may be turned into vivid reality. Eternal life is no exception, either.  If we say “the first eye” is life sciences,and “the second eye” is high and new medicine,then, “the third eye” is the vision […]

Death Hormone for Mankind Life Span

Some scientists made a contrast test with anile white rats. After cutting off the pituitary gland, in order not to affect the secretion of other hormones, they transplanted an artificial thyroxine into the rat. A miracle appeared:The anile white rat’s immunologic function and cardiovascular system recovered their youth! The “death hormone” secreted by the pituitary […]

Mankind at Dawn of Life Sciences

Bill Gates‘ slogan “Let each desk have a personal computer” has already begun to get old-fashioned, now, let’s put forward a new slogan that is full of revolutionary enthusiasm: “Let everyone be able to live forever”! Fighting against death is mankind’s perpetual mission,being the most revolutionary great struggle of mankind since the ancient times. In […]

Secrets of Long Life and Longevity

Twilight of Life Sciences: In the eyes of today’s life sciences, how long on earth can a person live? Can we “live forever” and “rejuvenate”? how to have a long life?? Although scientists have not been able to do large-scale study on the “longevity gene” in an organized and planned way, the bit-by-bit study has […]

Reviews on the Bestselling Book THE SECOND DECLARATION from Life Scientists

As early as 28 years ago, I believed “birth, aging, disease and death” are not the bottommost natural law of the life world, it is completely possible for mankind to conquer aging and realize “eternal living”, thus, I have committed myself to finding out the cause of aging of the human body. In the few […]