Kunlun Mountain Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

China Scenic Spots of Kunlun Mountain and Qinghai Province

1、   Qinghai in July 2、  A Harvest of Pilose Deer Horn 3、  The Holy Origin of Yellow Lamaism 4、  A Travel to the Huang Nan Budhism 5、  Grand Golden Tile Hall, Small Golden Tile Hall 6、  Bronze Statue of the 10th Generation Panchen Lama 7、  Su You Hua Guan—A Calligraphy by Chairman Jiang Zemin 8、  […]

Sanjiangyuan – Source Water Systems of Yellow River Changjiang River Lanchang River

 Sanjiangyuan – Source of Three Rivers – three major water systems of Yellow River, Changjiang River and Lanchang River The terrain of Qinghai is divided into mountains, hills and basins three stages. Featured by high mountains and widespread glaciers, the first stage is composed of Kunlun Mountain, Tanggula Mountain and Bayangela Mountain in the south. […]

Qinghai Lake – biggest salt water lake of China

Qinghai Lake – biggest salt water lake of China The area of Qinghai Lake, the biggest salt water lake of China, is 4,547km2. It sits among high mountains and grasslands like a huge jade dish. The water color of Qinghai Lake changes with the depth of water and temperature. The water is blue when it […]

Ahnimaqing Peak – a branch of Kunlun Mountain China

As the main peak of Ahnimaqing Mountain, a branch of Kunlun Mountain Chain, Ahnimaqing Peak is 6,282m above the sea level. It is composed of 13 peaks and 57 glaciers, among which, Halong Glacier at the northeastern slope is the longest and largest glacier in the Yellow River valley. The rich water from smelted ice […]

Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a huge dragon

Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a huge dragon Started from Xining, it runs westwards through more than 20 plateau cities and towns, many mountains like the famous Sun & Moon Mountain, Kunlun Mountain, Tanggula Mountain and more than one hundred large and small rivers and reaches Lhasa. With a whole length of 1,937km, Qinghai-Tibet Highway likes a […]

Kunlun Mountain Pass – classic tourist spot of cultural tourist area

Kunlun Mountain Pass Located 160km away from Golmud City and 4,767m above sea level, Kunlun Mountain Pass is a classic tourist spot of the cultural tourist area of Kunlun Mountain. There are numerous mountains and snow-capped peaks around the pass. Perennially covered by snow and surrounded by cloud and flog, Yuxu Peak and Yuzhu Peak […]

Kunlun Mountain – Magic Mountain of China

Kunlun Mountain is called “the 1st Magic Mountain of China”. It is said the owner of Kunlun Mountain is the mythical Western Mother Goddess and the Black Sea, the headstream of Kunlun River, is the abode of immortals.