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New Credit Card Law Became Effective to Protect Cardholders Deeper into Debt

Thanks to a new law that goes into effect on Feb. 22, which restricts bank tactics but sends rates up and credit lines down. As the new law take effect now, what you need to know about the rates and fees?

How to Get Lowest Interest Rates on Car Loan

While thinking about to buy a new car, find the best car finance with low interet rates is the first thing. Here are some financing tips from factors like lending sources, credit union option and payment term length.

Five Best Low Interest Credit Cards, Choose Right One for You

These low interest credit cards have either a low fixed rate annual percentage rate (APR) or a low introductory APR. Most of these cards have no annual fee, our objective opinion for each card is also enclosed. You can compare by yourself and find the best one just for you.

Near-Zero Lending Rate Do More Harm than Benefits

From a consumer standpoint, a marginal increase in interest rates will probably not have a material impact on the way people spend or save. But keeping rates near zero to recover economy to the degree is also not expected.

Stocks Climbed after Federal Reserve Held Interest Rates Steady

Stocks may have staged the late-session advance in anticipation of President Obama’s pending State of the Union address. On Wednesday Stocks manage gains, ending a choppy session higher after the Federal Reserve held interest rates steady and hinted it would continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Apple introduced its new iPad tablet computer.