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Godly brain and immortal life in knowledge productive force

Making explosion in knowledge productive force, on the one hand, will depend on the increase of number of people engaged in knowledge production (once mankind is liberated from material production, all the several billion people may join knowledge production); and what is more important,it will depend on whether mankind will adopt the godly brain system […]

Evolution into high-leveled super mankind of eternal life

In today’s mankind,their disesteem and overlook of the value of life are astounding, especially in our great populous country educated by the ancient tenet of “dying to achieve virtue”. On the early morning of June 23, 2005, a 40-year-old farmer migrant worker from Gansu Province, Wang Guoqing, was detained by three law enforcement officers. They […]

China Movement of seeking to become immortals and gods

 Faced with the sorrow of “When can life return after death?” and “Enjoy wine and song while we can, for life is short” (famous poem lines in ancient China), of course, great people like First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Second Emperor of Tang Dynasty and so on, were not willing […]

Man will have Gods Beauty and Virtues

Gods or Immortals also have the best appearance. People always use “goddess” to describe a beautiful look, often say “pretty as a fairy”, and always regard “immortals” as the most beautiful. The ancient philosopher, Zhuangzi, described gods as “having the skin like ice and snow, graceful as a virgin”, every one of them is a […]

Before Man Become Immortals

Today, longivity has already begun to become possible. Some scientists already predicted, by virtue of the deciphering the gene code, mankind’s life span will be greatly extended. So far, the optimistic estimation by some scientists is 1200 years, and the most pessimistic estimation is no less than 500 years. Haris, member of British Committee of […]

Labor created mankind and technology creates immortals

    The ancients’ dream of becoming immortal has lasted for several thousand years. With regard to such a dream, most people think it is only in the clouds, being beautiful but incredible. Let Immortals Step down the Altar.The legend on immortals is of long standing in China.  What is the “immortal” like in the eyes […]

Not Myth: Man will become gods

 Using modern high technology and the great power of world union to help people to become “gods” together and help mankind evolve into immortals,is just an unparalleled great idea that may bring happiness to the whole world. It is not hard to imagine, its fate may also be the same as that mentioned by Goethe. […]

Bloody Lessons: Mutual Fighting between Brothers

 Everyone in the world comes for profit; Everyone in the world goes for profit. Records of the Historian.  Throughout the history,the most shocking two things might be: “Mutual Fighting between Brothers”, and “Sharing the Same Boat between Enemies”. The two sharply contradictory phenomena have been appearing repeatedly in all dynasties and all eras.  Mutual fighting […]

Wang Xiaoping Worried about a Wording

The whole nation calls for innovation in one voice. However,when the ideology is confined to a fixed, allowable, insurmountable and unbreakable scope, can we still have innovation?  In choosing the name of this book,I cudgeled my brains for a long time, and finally I decided on “The Second Declaration”. In my view, there are two […]

Let Immortals Step Down the Altar

Do you wish to have the beautiful hair of Julia Roberts, the nose of Cleopatra, the eyes of Zhao Wei, the lips of Demi Moore, the teeth of King Bessinger, the stature of Marilyn Monroe, and the wisdom of Athene? You may have all of these. Even if you are as ugly as Quasimodo, you […]