Human development Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Becoming immortal is natural trend of human development

Becoming immortal, as the sublimation of human overall development, will be the natural trend of human development! Becoming “immortal” is a great generalization of high level of sustainable development and high level of all-round development of mankind, being the most comprehensive development of the human, and the final necessary result of limitless and constant development […]

Becoming gods is ultimate objective of human development

Becoming gods is the ultimate objective of human development, being the supreme prospect of human development. Since we value human development,we should value becoming “gods”;Since we seek human development,we should seek becoming “gods”. Since human development is above everything, the value of becoming “gods” should also be greater than everything! Human development is both the […]

Chinese Modernization Course: Lessons to the World

In the comparison between human development and economical development, human development is also more fundamental. The greatest obstacle in poverty is the obstacle in human quality. “In curing poverty, first we must cure folly” and “In curing poverty, first we must cure laziness” are truths we have summed up from poignant facts. The chief cause […]

Mankind development is foundationstone of all kinds of development

Human development is the foundationstone of all kinds of development. All problems in the world are problems of people. There is such a story:While a man was busy with his job,his son dashed up to pester him for playing. He could not stand the harassment, so he tore a world map to pieces,and threw them […]