Godaddy Dedicated Server Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Plesk automatically renewed with dedicated server renewal

Shall I renew the Plesk control panel when I renew the Dedicated Server? Could I keep the Plesk control panel if I renew only the server? All data that you have uploaded will be erased and you will need to reconfigure your server.

Linux dedicated server has Apache mod_rewrite functionality

Does Dedicated Server have Apache mod_rewrite functionality? How to configure Apache mod_rewrite in Linux dedicated server? Enable mod_rewrite in your httpd.conf, and add desired codes to your .htaccess file examples.

Error code: sec_error_ca_cert_invalid Cannot login to Plesk with Firefox

Plesk Secure Connection Problem with Firefox: I cannot login to Plesk, hinting Error code: sec_error_ca_cert_invalid. Actually I just found that Plesk could work with Internet Explorer but not Firefox.

Dedicated Server Change: Linux Server Hardware Upgrade Checklist Plan

Will Linux Server Upgrade or Downgrade Affect Data? Wil this request result in a reprovision server? Making regular backups of the server, turning the server off and swapping RAM should not affect data on the server.

Copyright Infringement Remedies: Statement under penalty of perjury template

Copyright Infringement Remedies: Submit a Statement under penalty of perjury if you have issue on Copyright Infringements. Never quote other’s article unless you have acquired his authorization.

Copyright Infringements: Godaddy Copyright Dispute for Your Dedicated Server Hosting

Godaddy Copyright Infringements: GoDaddy Copyright Claims Department sent to my friend an email titled Copyright Dispute for your Dedicated Server Hosting. So what to do?

How to Perform SSL Certificate Validation, Secure Server Trusted SSL Certificates

How to perfrom SSL certificate validation? Did I correctly Install SSL certificate? Could you please kindly review whether I correctly set up the SSL certificate or not?

IIS Server Unavailable and ASP.Net Framework Application Pool Error

IIS Server Unavailable: feels sorry but Godaddy Server Support Technician knows what has gone wrong with Server Application Unavailable IIS 7.0. How to resolve application pool error wih framework software?

Error Establishing a Database Connection and Godaddy 500 Internal Server Error

Error establishing a database connection warning in my Godaddy dedicated server tortures me so much. It hints 500 Internal Server Error so that I submitted Multiple Power Cycle Requests to Godaddy Server Support.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Down, Submit server reboot request or power cycle request

Godaddy Dedicated Server Down, Don’t worry. Just submit server reboot request or power cycle request, and you’ll get technical support from Godaddy Hosting Support soon.