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Future economy will be ruled by culture industry on life style

Let’s look at the culture industry first. The future economy will be ruled by the culture industry. In many developed countries and regions,the culture industry is a rising new force constituting a very important part in economic growth, and will become a major growth point and mainstay industry in their national economy. Just as Daniel […]

First Industry: Human-centered Industry

The human-centered industry includes culture industry, education industry, eugenics industry, life industry and so on. What does the human-centered industry produce? It produces humans, consummate human beings! Human production is the most fundamental production of all productions, and the human-centered industry is the most fundamental industry of all industries. The human-centered industry is the foreground […]

Traditional Economy Theory from Trio Industry to Quintet Industry

At present,the generally accepted theory on industrial structure is the “trio industry” theory,namely, the first industry (agriculture), the secondary industry (industry) and the third/tertiary industry(service industry).In 1940,British economist C. Clark began to use the concept of “tertiary industry” widely. From then on,this theory was put into extensive use in the world,and many countries have classified […]

From the Heyday of Emperor Qianlong to Silicon Valley Wonder

 From the Heyday of Emperor Qianlong to Silicon Valley Wonder A backward industrial structure may lead a very advanced economy towards decline, but an advanced industrial structure may lead a backward economy to prosperity! Let’s turn our eyes to the 1980’s. Japanese economy shocked America violently,plunging America into a great panic, and every American was […]

Free Complex and Interest Commonwealth on Mankind Freedom

Future economy‘s business organizations will be both free complexes and interest commonwealths. The “free complex” is Marx and Engels‘ fine conception in their design of the communist society. The best future enterprise form should be the ideal prospect of communism, the free complex, which is unexpected to many people. In human nature, there is a […]

Life economy is the representative of future economy

Life economy is the representative of future economy, and is the leading power of future economy. Only by developing life economy can we win the future.  The 1000-year Longevity Industry and Life Economy Life economy is the economy that prolongs people’s life, and raises the quality of people’s life. In life economy, the 1000-year longevity […]

Loving Kindness and Hating Evil

Everyone loves kind and righteous people and hate villainous and evil people from the bottom of their hearts. Judging from people’s feelings in time of reading a novel, seeing a movie or watching a TV play, we can see, they hate maleficences extremely and love kindness extremely too. The actor playing the part of Huang […]

Tending towards Pleasure and Evading Suffering

Tending towards benefit and evading harm and tending towards pleasure and evading sufferings,are bases of ethnics. Man has an innate tendency to seek pleasure and evade suffering,which is a self-evident truth. Joy is man’s ultimate pursuit. Unlike other things which are all means, it is man’s purpose, man’s final aim in itself. Buddhism specializes in […]

Wang Xiaoping to Transcend Alvin Toffler

What is the true source of the crisis of mankind? It is the lack of thinking on our own future. The 21st century calls for real thinkers caring about mankind’s future. I wish to be such a thinker.  In the recent two years, when people asked me what kind of books I was writing, I […]

Development Mode of Future Economy

Fund pooling is a good way to profit, but intelligence pooling is an even better way to profit. Only by high intelligent persons can we expand financing channels better, increase the total amount of financing and raise the financing efficiency. However,whether it is fund pooling or intelligence pooling,it must be based on “heart” pooling. In […]