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Becoming gods to maximize mankind joy

Omniscience and omnipotence means reaching the peak in wisdom and ability.  For a person, wisdom and ability are the roots of his joy. Sukhomlinskkie said quite well: “One person’s happiness is just the happiness of a society, and after all, it depends on the abilities shown in the person and depends on the outstanding abilities […]

Eternal life and daylong ecstasy constitute the overall goal of becoming immortals

One point is worth noting specially: what we seek is daylong ecstasy,that is, not only “ecstasy”, but also “daylong ecstasy”, which is to say,we must put people into a state of utmost joy in all the 24 hours of a day. On the one hand,we may use technological means to reduce human sleeping time. A […]

Daylong ecstasy and eternal life: two major goals of becoming gods

The two major goals of becoming gods are “daylong ecstasy” and “eternal life”. Daylong ecstasy is the maximization of “the daily amount of joy”. Eternal life will maximize the “number of days of joy”, so, the time effect of joy will have no bound or end, reaching eternity. Hence,according to the joy calculation formula,the joy […]

Becoming immortal is natural trend of human development

Becoming immortal, as the sublimation of human overall development, will be the natural trend of human development! Becoming “immortal” is a great generalization of high level of sustainable development and high level of all-round development of mankind, being the most comprehensive development of the human, and the final necessary result of limitless and constant development […]

Becoming gods is ultimate objective of human development

Becoming gods is the ultimate objective of human development, being the supreme prospect of human development. Since we value human development,we should value becoming “gods”;Since we seek human development,we should seek becoming “gods”. Since human development is above everything, the value of becoming “gods” should also be greater than everything! Human development is both the […]

Wisdom on Eternal Life and Immortality

Balzac engraved a motto in his walking stick: “I have broken obstacles one after another”, but Kaffka said: “Obstacles one after another have broken me”.  In the great undertaking of eternal life, it is very necessary for us to draw wisdom from Sun Tzu, the great strategist and sage of ancient China: “A wise man’s […]

Absolute Impossibility and Three Sufficients

Someone says: Who has ever seen a person with eternal life? None. From the ancient till now, 80 billion individual lives in mankind have died, but not a single person with eternal life has appeared. Thus, it can be seen, eternal life is absolutely impossible. However,to this answer “none”, we have to add a modifier: […]

Longivity and Eternal Life from Third Eye

In this world,so long as we have the “three sufficients”, namely, sufficient intelligence, sufficient investment and sufficient time,any impossible wish may be turned into vivid reality. Eternal life is no exception, either.  If we say “the first eye” is life sciences,and “the second eye” is high and new medicine,then, “the third eye” is the vision […]

Technological Medicine for Eternal Life

No incurable disease will be incurable forever, and any disease will find a cure at last. Since the ancient times, medical science has played a great role in mankind’s conquest of diseases. Today, in the 21st century, along with continual advance in high and new technology,and with continual leaps in high and new medicine, the […]

Death Hormone for Mankind Life Span

Some scientists made a contrast test with anile white rats. After cutting off the pituitary gland, in order not to affect the secretion of other hormones, they transplanted an artificial thyroxine into the rat. A miracle appeared:The anile white rat’s immunologic function and cardiovascular system recovered their youth! The “death hormone” secreted by the pituitary […]