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Luxuriant Countryside Travel Guide: the Ideal Spot Loire Valley for Holiday Home

A diaphanous aura of subtly shifting lightplays over the luxuriant countryside of the Loire Valley, a region blessedly mild of climate, richly populated with game, and habitually fertile. Although it had always been viewed as prime real estate, the victorious Valois dynasty began to see new possibilities in the territory once the dust from the Hundred Years’ War began to settle.

China Tour Guide: The Best Countryside Travel Spot

There are lots of natural scenery in China, which make Chinese feel pround, at the same time attract number of tourists at home and abroad. Here are some greatest countryside retreats.

Scenery and Spots Along Southern New England Countryside

Do you know what are there 134 Miles of Yankee Charm? Green hills, a rocky coast and white-steepled Colonial towns — that’s the definition of southern New England, and every summer traffic thickens as travelers swarm in search of it. In eastern Connecticut, where farms and Colonial homes provide much of the scenery.

Costa Rica Three Travel Ways: The Countryside Luxury, Adventure and Eco-tourism

Costa Rica, which once promised to be a hot spot for vacation homes. Think of Costa Rica as a Rorschach test for travelers. Outlined on a map, it has no recognizable shape. But enclosed in tropical lines of latitude, with appropriate squiggles for mountains, coasts and interior borders, it’s an inkblot for projecting travel fantasies. Beach lovers trace the craggy coasts and see hammocks swinging in the sunset breeze. The eyes of the nature-minded glaze when they note all the national parks. And adrenaline fanatics fixate on the mountains and rivers.