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Christianity has created an illusory Paradise

Christianity has created an illusory Paradise, and designed a world of the other shore, offering people a “check that can never be cashed”;Buddhism has fabricated the theory of “Metempsychosis (transmigration)”,making people believe life is not “this time” or “this generation”,letting them fancy “the great Beyond” or “eternal life after death”. In fact, Socrates could have […]

Mankind takes pursuit of limitless happiness and joy

Whatever we do, in the last analysis, is for mankind’s maximum happiness. The essence of happiness lies in joy. In all ages, mankind takes the pursuit of limitless happiness and joy as the highest cause. With regard to the world in which this highest cause has been realized, Christianity calls it “Paradise” or “Land of […]

Wang Xiaoping Worried about a Wording

The whole nation calls for innovation in one voice. However,when the ideology is confined to a fixed, allowable, insurmountable and unbreakable scope, can we still have innovation?  In choosing the name of this book,I cudgeled my brains for a long time, and finally I decided on “The Second Declaration”. In my view, there are two […]