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Ladies on China’s Top Dating Shows Become More Critical; Male Candidates Sucks and Lack Maturity

Girls on Chinese Dating Shows Become More Critical. A screenshot of If You Are the One. [File Photo] Just a show – why so serious? Cannot blame the ladies been critical. The male candidates sucks and lack maturity. Some males dressed like they are going for football match. Some talk like Kindergärten kids. Some end […]

School Girl Challenges Japanese AV Star Sora Aoi with Sexy Appearance in Commercial

School Girl Challenges Japanese AV Star Sora Aoi with Sexy Appearance in Commercial. She wore a suit of sexy clothing, writing down some words which were showing that she would like to challenge Sora Aoi, the hottest Japanese AV star on the internet.

Most funny gimmick to recruit students in China: Universities’ sex trap

Most funny gimmick to recruit students in China: Universities’ sex trap. Chinese universities begin to use some photos of beautiful female students to exert an influence upon students when they choose. A laughable gimmick indicating a drooping spirit of university.

C Language Homework Help: Romantic Date Night as Reward

Tsinghua Girl Hu Ling C Programming Language Gate Scandal: A Girl Student from Tsinghua Universiy, China sells her body to senior schoolmates for C programming language homework.

Bra Color Scandal Video: Hot Chinese Girl in Public Bus

Bra Color Scandal: a Shanghai girl used her cell phone in front of her chest to swipe card for taking bus. The following aunt who looked like about 50 years old did the same things as the female actress did.

Love Letter to Milk Tea Girl, Cutest Girl in the World

Love letter Gate Scandal: A Romantic Love Letter from Pencile Case Guy to Milk Tea Girl, the cutest girl in the world and planet. Who Is The Cutest Girl In The World? Mini Culture will show you. Coming up next, a Cute High School Girl from China…

Harem Elegance Scandal: Hot Chinese School Fancy Girl

Hot Chinese Hypochondriacal Girl Elegance Gate Scandal refers to a school fancy girl named Harem Elegance Girl and her various awkward words which came out on the micro blog of Sina website recently.

High School Students Light Cigarettes with Bank Bills

Chinese high school boys light the best light cigarettes with bank bills. Yet another bank cash Showing Off Wealth Cigarette Lighting Gate Scandal on Chinese internet.

Zhang Mengqian Making a Wish Gate Scandal on Chinese Internet

Zhang Mengqian Making a wish Gate Scandal bursts out of China’s network. A girl student of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology wished to find a boyfriend who could shout her name downstairs.

Modeling School: Bikini Fashion Show vs Graduation Model Show

Modeling school girls have to make a graduation report show in sexy bikini swimwears before graduation, according to some newspaper. They have studied dress design for three years in a vocation school in Harbin.