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What’s your favorite book or author, and why?

What’s your favorite book or author, and why? If it’s different from your favorite, what one book would you recommend to others? With the titles of the books you list, in two sentences, can you give a concise summary?

Milton cried in his Paradise Lost for Evolution

 Milton cried in his Paradise Lost: “Wake up, wake up, or else we shall sink without end!” Mankind,wake up, hurry!  When mankind has really wakened, it will be aware of its direction: it is evolving into immortals. It is a great ideal without comparison,and meanwhile it is also a scientific prediction based on the dialectical […]

Man Has Overcome Death and Live Forever

 Death is not the tragic fate of any unfortunate nation, but the common miserable fate of the whole mankind. The fear of death is not a special mentality of any nation,but the common mentality of the whole mankind.  Nowadays,high and new science and technology have already offered the practical  possibility to conquer death gradually and […]

High Technology and High Humanity

What is the essential meaning of the New Economy that has raised such a great unrest in the whole world? After the New Economy, what economy will follow? What are the most essential five major demands of humanity? Why will the future economy be a union between high technology and high humanity? How to combine […]

Bear Better Children: Becoming Gods by Science & Technologies

One ounce inheritance is better than one ton education. In the near future, the compulsory bearing better children will realize the great thought — “every one is equal” which emerged 2 centuries ago. The great thought “every one is equal” is not only a dream, but also could be achieved in the real world. Man […]

Development Tendency of Mankind

Wang Xiaoping opens his eyes tiredly and found a beautiful lady with brown hair smiling at and saying to him, “Welcome to the year of 2050! You are given 5 minutes to stay, what are your wishes? What would you like to know about year of 2050? ” Wang Xiaoping is too surprised to close […]

Questioning Life: Both Confucius and Robber Zhi have become motes

 “Both Confucius and Robber Zhi have become motes”. Confucius was the greatest mahatma but Robber Zhi was the most notorious robber. Yet, whether you are a saint or a robber, you have no way to escape death, and after death, both will turn to dust and ashes. A rich guy has become a Chairman of […]

Upright culture needs upright mind

New Culture, New Mankind and New World When the person is upright, the world is upright. When the mind is upright,the person is upright automatically. To have an upright mind, we must have an upright culture. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it […]

Wang Xiaoping VS Alvin Toffler: a battle between East and West

 Wang Xiaoping VS Alvin Tofler: a battle between East and West In a fishbowl were living a cabrilla and many tiny fish. After the glass separated the cabrilla from the tiny fish, whenever the cabrilla tried to catch the tiny fish, he knocked against the glass and failed every time. Later, the glass was removed, […]

People Are Prisoners of Their Ideology

A series of technological revolution have resulted in all sorts of high and new technology that might make the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty and Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty admire or envy beyond description. However,the biggest prison in the world is the prison of the brain. People are prisoners of their ideology. If there […]