China Tu nationality Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Wedding Ceremony of China Tu Nationality

The wedding ceremonies of the Tu people are lively, interest and very characteristic. The whole procedures from proposal and determination of marriage, giving gifts, wedding ceremony, reciprocal banquet and etc. are carried out in song and dance. After entering the husband’s home, the bride is not allowed to enter the room until she walks through […]

Anzhao Dance in celebrating occasions

Anzhao Dance in celebrating occasions The Tu people concentrate in a square or courtyard to dance Anzhao dance in celebrating occasions. The dance consists of bending forward, shaking hands left and right, turning body, back walking, rotating and other actions.

Swing on Wheels – China traditional sport

Swing on wheels is a kind of traditional sport loved by the Tu people. After harvest in each autumn, the Tu people make the carriage wheels stand on the wheat-processing ground to sit or swing on them. By now, the carriage wheels for swing on wheels have been changed into ball corona decorated with colorful […]

Embroidery for Women of China Tu Nationality

Embroidery for Women of China Tu Nationality The Tu women are good at embroidering. They beautify the life and decorate themselves with their intelligence and hands.

Anzhao Dance – China Tu Nationality

The Tu people are good at singing and dancing. In each celebrating festival, they will form a circle in square or courtyard to play Anzhao Dance led by one person and accompanied by beautiful songs. The contents of most songs are about the people’s wish for harvest and pray for happiness.

Dresses and Adornments of China Tu Nationality

The dresses and adornments of the Tu people are not same in different places. The men mainly wear short clothes accompanied with long ones. All shirts, waist belts, shoes and socks of the young people are decorated with embroideries. The young women wear both long and short clothes in summer. The white shirt is always […]

Grand Buddha Pagoda – Upper and Lower Wutun Temple

Guo Ma Ri Village of Nian Du Hu Town is located five kilometers away from north of Longwu Town, dominated by Tu nationality. Guo Ma Ri Temple of the village was initiated in Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, with Grand Lecture Hall, Mass Hall and Warrior Hall built. Time Cycle Pagoda built in January of […]