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Mongolian Nationality fond of singing and dancing

The Mongolian people are ardent, open-minded and fond of singing and dancing. They hold mountain god-worshiping activities in each summer and autumn. In such occasions, they kill cows and sheep, drink wine and sing and carry out arrow-shooting competition, horse racing, wrestling and other national sports activities. The Mongolian people wear robes with big front […]

Wild Tibetan Donkey – China Rare Animal and World Protected Creature

Wild Tibetan Donkey Wild Tibetan donkey is a national grade A protected animal living on plateau 3600~4800m above sea level. Wild Tibetan Donkey can tolerate coldness, sunshine, wind and snow. Wild Tibetan donkeys are migrant and live in groups. They can swim and their visual sense, listening ability and smelling ability are very advanced. They […]

Yellow River – Mother River of Traditional Chinese culture

Yellow River – Mother River Gives birth to Traditional Chinese culture The Yellow River is originated in Maqu at the southwestern corner of Yueguzonglie Basin at the northern foot of Bayangela Mountain in the south of Qinghai Province. Its drainage area in the territory of Qinghai is 152,600km2 and its main stream is 1,694km long. […]

Ahnimaqing Peak – a branch of Kunlun Mountain China

As the main peak of Ahnimaqing Mountain, a branch of Kunlun Mountain Chain, Ahnimaqing Peak is 6,282m above the sea level. It is composed of 13 peaks and 57 glaciers, among which, Halong Glacier at the northeastern slope is the longest and largest glacier in the Yellow River valley. The rich water from smelted ice […]

Bayangela Mountain – ancestor mountain in Tibetan language

Bayangela Mountain means “ancestor mountain” in Tibetan language. Located between the headstreams of the Yellow River and Tongtian River, the mountain is characterized by high elevation, great momentum, complex climate and rich rainfall. The Yellow River is originated from Maqu River (“peacock river” in Tibetan Language) in Yueguzonglie Basin at the northern foot of the […]

Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a huge dragon

Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a huge dragon Started from Xining, it runs westwards through more than 20 plateau cities and towns, many mountains like the famous Sun & Moon Mountain, Kunlun Mountain, Tanggula Mountain and more than one hundred large and small rivers and reaches Lhasa. With a whole length of 1,937km, Qinghai-Tibet Highway likes a […]