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Remains of Ancient France: Chateau De Chenonceau on Cher River

It was was a dream on a river just by looking at it from the view of the Chateau on the outside. The castles in France are always amazing, wh while on a France trip, the one you can’t miss is Chateau De Chenonceau. This magnificent château of the Loire Valley offers a gallery set on the river, its décor and furniture is like in a dream.

The Watchtower: Masterpieces of Ancient Chinese Architecture

Watchtower viewed from the distance. One watchtower is located at each corner of the Forbidden City wall. They are exquisitely constructed of 72 interlaced ridges, symbolizing the masterpieces of ancient Chinese architecture.

Former Scenic Spots: Ruins of Zibishanfang, Original Magnificent Hall

Ruins of Zibishanfang (Purple and Azure Mountain Hall). Originally a magnificent hall, now it is only broken stones and wild grass. Ruins of Xifengxiuse (Beautiful West Peak). One of the former forty scenic spots.

China Tour Guide: Famous Scenic Spots inside Xiangshan Park

Jianxinzhai (Pavilion of Revealing One’s Mind). This is an exquisite little courtyard in the style of a southern Chinese garden. Xiangshan (Fragrance Hill) Park in autumn. The Glazed Tile Pagoda. Archway of Biyunsi (Temple of Azure Clouds).

Ancient Chinese Architecture Resorts: Yonghegong Lamasery

Situated inside Andingmen in the Beijing’s East District, Yonghegong (Palace of Harmony and Peace) was built in 1694 as the original residence of the Yongzheng emperor before he ascended the throne. In 1725 it was renamed Yonghegong and declared a lama temple.

Great Imperial Park: The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan

Yuanmingyuan was a large imperial park. It was actually three separate parks: Yuanmingyuan (Park of Perfection and Brightness), Wanchunyuan (Park of Ten Thousand Springs) and Changchunuan (Park of Everlasting Spring), circling around the lake of Fuhai (Sea of Bliss).

China Scenic Spots: Garden of Prince Gong's Residence Beijing

Built in the latter part of the eighteenth century, this is a well-preserved garden of a prince’s residence in Beijing. Surrounded by hills on three sides, the garden has twenty scenic spots of different sizes.

Korea, Russia and China Tourism Development

We should also strengthen the contact between Korea, Russia and China, co-operatively designing travel routes and training professional talents. World Travel Organisation can be the liasing link between the three parties. English is the service language, but not the language of every party in the co-operation

Beijing Travel Scenic Spot: Garden of Prince Gong’s Residence

Pavilion for Painting and Poetry. Built in the center of a pond, it can only be reached by boat. The exterior of the Theatre. The interior of the Theatre. Fuhai (Sea of Bliss). This was the restored lake.

China Beijing Tour Advices: Top Destinations of Ming Tomb

Stone Arch. It is extremely spectacular with exquisite carvings. Dingling. The tomb of the thirteenth Ming emperor, Zhu Yijun, and his two empresses. The passageway of the underground palace.