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Huairou Historical and Cultural Accumulation with New Luster

Huairou has been, since the ancient times, referred to as benevolent rule, ethical cohesion and combined development. Experience profound Huairou historical and cultural accumulation with new luster.

China Beijing Tour Advices: Top Destinations of Ming Tomb

Stone Arch. It is extremely spectacular with exquisite carvings. Dingling. The tomb of the thirteenth Ming emperor, Zhu Yijun, and his two empresses. The passageway of the underground palace.

Main Gate and North Gate to Forbidden City: Wumen and Shenwumen

Wumen (Meridian Gate), the main and south gate to the Forbidden City. On the red platform is a spectacle nine-bay gate-tower.
Shenwumen (Gate of Divine Might), the north gate to the palace. During the Qing Dynasty, the court often chose beautiful maids and the chosen girls would pass this gate when they were sent to the palace.