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Xining City China with a history of 2100 years

Located in the east of Qinghai Province, Xining is the capital of the province. Historically called Huangzhong, Xining is an anciently city with a history of 2100 years. Boasting a strategically important position, it is the eastern portal of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and was a way that must be passed on the ancient road from Tang […]

Mongolian Nationality fond of singing and dancing

The Mongolian people are ardent, open-minded and fond of singing and dancing. They hold mountain god-worshiping activities in each summer and autumn. In such occasions, they kill cows and sheep, drink wine and sing and carry out arrow-shooting competition, horse racing, wrestling and other national sports activities. The Mongolian people wear robes with big front […]

Traditions and Customs of China Salar Nationality

Camel Spring is deemed as a magic spring by the Salar people. It is said when the ancestor of the Salar people came to the nearby of the Yellow River from Mid-Asia, the white camel accompanying him sat at the foot of a mountain and became a jade camel spraying a spring from its mouth. […]

Customs and Traditions – China Hui Nationality

The marriage traditions of the Hui people are deeply influenced by Muslim rules and the engaging procedure is very complicated. The male party needs to present “tentative bag”, “tea bag” and “gifts” for many times. A marriage is not determined until the female party makes a cup of fruit tea. The wedding ceremony is presided […]

Mengda Mountain Lake – natural preservation area with primeval natural forest

Mengda Mountain Lake – natural preservation area with primeval natural forest Mengda is an area of primeval natural forest and belongs to a national level natural preservation area located in the northeast of Salar Autonomous County of Xunhua. The size of the forest area is 9,544ha and it is a small basin composed of high […]

Chaka Salt Lake – brine lake with green salt

Chaka Salt Lake – brine lake with green salt It is located in the south of Chaka Town of Wulan County. This is a brine lake and the lake bottom is covered with a layer of rock salt that is generally 5m thick, with a maximum thickness of 9.68m. The salt is naturally crystallized, with […]

Yellow River – Mother River of Traditional Chinese culture

Yellow River – Mother River Gives birth to Traditional Chinese culture The Yellow River is originated in Maqu at the southwestern corner of Yueguzonglie Basin at the northern foot of Bayangela Mountain in the south of Qinghai Province. Its drainage area in the territory of Qinghai is 152,600km2 and its main stream is 1,694km long. […]

Qinghai Lake – biggest salt water lake of China

Qinghai Lake – biggest salt water lake of China The area of Qinghai Lake, the biggest salt water lake of China, is 4,547km2. It sits among high mountains and grasslands like a huge jade dish. The water color of Qinghai Lake changes with the depth of water and temperature. The water is blue when it […]

Sun Moon Mountain – Red Mountain for its red rocks

Sun & Moon Mountain is at the east of Qinghai Lake. The mountain was historically called Red Mountain for its red rocks. It is the boundary of the central agricultural area and the Qinghai-Tibet pastoral area. The landscapes in the east and west sides of the mountain are totally different. There are many beautiful legends […]

Ahnimaqing Peak – a branch of Kunlun Mountain China

As the main peak of Ahnimaqing Mountain, a branch of Kunlun Mountain Chain, Ahnimaqing Peak is 6,282m above the sea level. It is composed of 13 peaks and 57 glaciers, among which, Halong Glacier at the northeastern slope is the longest and largest glacier in the Yellow River valley. The rich water from smelted ice […]