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Huairou Historical and Cultural Accumulation with New Luster

Huairou has been, since the ancient times, referred to as benevolent rule, ethical cohesion and combined development. Experience profound Huairou historical and cultural accumulation with new luster.

Temple of Heaven Resorts Introduction: Qiniandian and Imperial Vault of Heaven

The caisson ceiling of Qiniandian (Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest). Huangqiongyu (Imperial Vault of Heaven). It was built to house the memorial tablet of the “Supreme Ruler of Heaven”.

Thousand Buddha Grottoes, Dunhuang Mogao Caves in Gansu China

The Mogao Caves vary in sizes, with 37 being the smallest and 16 the largest covering each an area of 268 square meters. The murals in the Mogao Caves cover the illustrations of Buddhist sutra, Jataka, venerable images, Donors etc.

China Tour Guide: The Best Countryside Travel Spot

There are lots of natural scenery in China, which make Chinese feel pround, at the same time attract number of tourists at home and abroad. Here are some greatest countryside retreats.

Tour Promotion Speech on News Release Conference of Asian Boao Travel Forum

Asian Boao Forum co-sponsored by the China National Travel Agency and the Asian Bo’ao forum will be held in the Guilin City. An honor for the People’s Government of Guilin City to hold such a high-level significant forum.

Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum, Tian’anmen Square – Beijing Famous Scenic Spots

The magnificent and spacious Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum is situated at the south of the Monument to the People’s Heroes on the Tian’anmen Square. With construction work started in November 1976 and completed in May 1977, the Mausoleum takes up 5.72 hectares. The Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum is the most important mausoleum of the country and the […]

Sanqingshan Mountain National Park, Your Mysterious Hide-out and Charming Fairland

Sanqingshan Mountain National Park, Your Mysterious Hide-out and Charming Fairland Category: Natural Submission prepared by: Ministry of Construction of People’s Republic of China 9 Sanlihe Road Beijing, 100835 Coordinates: N 28°48’22” – 29°00’42″ E 117°58’20” – 118°08’28’’ Ref.: 2046 Description Sanqing Mountain lies in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, with Yujingfei as its highest peak […]

Top 10 Scenic Spots of Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi Province, China

Top 10 Scenic Spots of Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi Province, China Today we’ll lead you to Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi Province, China. You’ll learn the Taoist Tranquilty of the beautiful tourist spot. Longevity Park Longevity Park is located at the southern foot of the Sanqing Mountain, the east of the cableway. In this spot, the […]

Fairy wonderland and Taoist tranquility in beautiful Sanqing Mountain

Today, we recommend Sanqing Mountain as the best tourist spot. We’ll climb the fairy hills to see immortals. If you want to find a good mountain, follow the Taoists. Eager to find a tranquil place to cultivate themselves and to meet the immortals, they are regular visitors of beautiful mountains. Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi Province, […]

Lijiaxia Reservoir China – Unique landforms and rich scenes

 Lijiaxia Reservoir China – Unique landforms and rich scenes Unique landforms and rich scenes mainly featured by spectacular peak, square hill, cave and precipitous cliff make Lijiaxia the most superb attraction of the Yellow River in the territory of Qinghai. Rising sharply from the ground, the mountains look like column, tower, castle and wall. Lijiaxia […]