China Tibetan Nationality Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Dietary Culture – Tibetan Diet and Cooking

The major food of the Tibetan nationality is glutinous rice cake made through mixing roasted barley flour, butter and milk tea together. Such cakes are characterized of easy making, storing and carrying, good taste, hunger-resisting and rich nutrition. Cow and sheep meats are also their main foods. The Tibetan people always cook such meats to […]

Tibetan Dresses and Adornments

No matter male or female, all Tibetan people wear robes all the year with long-sleeved silk shirts inside and colorful silk belts tied in waists. Tibetan robes are generally characterized by long sleeve, big front part, wide waist part and no pocket. Tibetan robes are divided into lambskin robes, fur robes and cotton robes. The […]

Regong Arts – Deployment of Holy Water

Tongren is called Regong in Tibetan language. In the 14th and 15th century, Tibetan Buddhism was transmitted into Tongren area, and peoples of Tibetan and Han nationalities from the Upper and Lower Wutun, Nianduhu, Duosairi, Guomari, Tuojia and other natural villages around Zuolongwu Town start painting, sculpture and stone carving mainly for religious services, called […]

Princess Wencheng Temple with Big-Sun Buddha Statue

The historically famous cultural relics of “Big-Sun Buddha Statue and its Temple” are well known as “Princess Wencheng Temple”, belonging to Zhigong Gaju Sect, Tibetan Buddhism. It was said that when Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, she rested here for a month and ordered her attendants to carve nine Buddha figures in the cliff. Upon the […]