China Three Kingdoms Period Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Loving Kindness and Hating Evil

Everyone loves kind and righteous people and hate villainous and evil people from the bottom of their hearts. Judging from people’s feelings in time of reading a novel, seeing a movie or watching a TV play, we can see, they hate maleficences extremely and love kindness extremely too. The actor playing the part of Huang […]

Christianity has created an illusory Paradise

Christianity has created an illusory Paradise, and designed a world of the other shore, offering people a “check that can never be cashed”;Buddhism has fabricated the theory of “Metempsychosis (transmigration)”,making people believe life is not “this time” or “this generation”,letting them fancy “the great Beyond” or “eternal life after death”. In fact, Socrates could have […]