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China Travel Resorts: Grand View Garden in Shanghai China

Situated by Dianshan Lake-side in Qingpu County in western Shanghai, the Grand View Garden is a classical garden modeled on what was described in the novel of Dream of Red Mansions.

China Travel Resorts: History and Tour Guide of The Great Wall

The Great Wall is a gigantic defensive project whose beginning can be traced as far back as the 7th century B. C. After Qin Shihuang (the First Emperor of the Qin) (245-209 B. C. ) unified China, he began in 214 B. C. to restore, extend and connect the fortifications, which the rival feudal kingdoms had built around their territories for self-protection, with the purpose to guard against invasion by nomadic tribes to the north.

Luxury Vacation at Chengde Imperial Summer Villa

Many visitors head to Chengde to spend their summer holiday, attracted by the renowed Imperial Summer Villa. It is China’s largest imperial garden, in Qing Dynasty it was the summer resort emperor and empress.

Qianqinggong, Qing Dynasty Emperor’s Bedroom

Qianqinggong (Palace of Celestial Purity). This was the emperor and empress’ bedroom in Ming and Qing Dynasty, but also used for day-to-day administration and meeting foreign envoys during Qing Dynasty.

Five Dragon Pavilions to Come Fishing and Enjoy the Moon

The Five Dragon Pavilions. This is where emperors and empresses used to come fishing or enjoy the moon.

Main Gate and North Gate to Forbidden City: Wumen and Shenwumen

Wumen (Meridian Gate), the main and south gate to the Forbidden City. On the red platform is a spectacle nine-bay gate-tower.
Shenwumen (Gate of Divine Might), the north gate to the palace. During the Qing Dynasty, the court often chose beautiful maids and the chosen girls would pass this gate when they were sent to the palace.