China Qing Dynasty Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Yuyuantan Park – Famous Beijing Tourist Spot

Yuyuantan Park locates in the western part of Beijing city proper. It adjoins with Diaoyutai National Guesthouse in the East and it reaches the Western 3rd ring in the west; it looks at the CCTV transmitting tower across the street and is adjacent to Chinese Century Monument in the South;and it stretches to eastern Yuyuantan […]

Force of habit resulting from social ideology

Once an ideology is formed, it will control people’s mind stubbornly, controlling people’s  viewing angle in observation, thinking mode, value orientation and pattern of behavior,thereby controlling everything. If you have been poisoned by a wrong idea, no matter how high your intelligence quotient is or how rich your knowledge is, it will be of no […]