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Yellow River – Mother River of Traditional Chinese culture

Yellow River – Mother River Gives birth to Traditional Chinese culture The Yellow River is originated in Maqu at the southwestern corner of Yueguzonglie Basin at the northern foot of Bayangela Mountain in the south of Qinghai Province. Its drainage area in the territory of Qinghai is 152,600km2 and its main stream is 1,694km long. […]

Laji Mountain – Magic Spring with Medicinal Water

Laji Mountain is located 40km south to Xining, the mountain can be reached from Maji Valley of Huangzhong County along the red mountain ridges. The mountain is capped with snow even in May and June when the flowers and grasses at Yaoshui Beach in the valley are thriving. Marshes and warm springs are widespread at […]

Shouxihu Lake and Lemon Lake in Yangzhou China

Shouxihu Lake and Lemon Lake “Visiting Yangzhou in March when flowers are in their full blossom in mists” is an ancient description of the beautiful sceneries of Yangzhou. During the spring, new buds in willow trees grow out and peach flowers are in their full blossom. The Shouxihu Lake area is decorated with bending willows, […]

China Children life – Chinese Future

China Children’s life – Chinese Future Children are the flowers, hopes and the future of our motherland.  If we want to make them live happily, we must create a splendid future for them. If we want them to enjoy a merry childhood, to cultivate their hearts to love, we must let them learn necessary knowledge, […]

Forestation – China Our motherland

Forestation: Our motherland is becoming green.  The mountains turn green, the water turns green and all the land turns green. Human beings plow green on the land we live with our diligent hands; while the green vegetations provide a better condition for our life. To carry out forestation is our responsibility. You plant some tree, […]

Shennongjia between Yangzi River and Hanjiang River

Shennongjia locates in-between the Yangzi River and the Hanjiang River and is one of the key protection area of primitive vegetations in our country. It’s said that our ancestor, Shennong, once lived here and he tasted all herbs in order to make medicine. The mountain rises very high in Shennongjia and a vast sea forest […]

Taihu Lake – vast expanse of mist rolling waters

Taihu Lake Taihu Lake, a vast expanse of mist, rolling waters blend with the sky in the distance. The islands scatter here and there, partly hidden and partly visible. The lake is surrounded by small hills and the hills are covered overlapping green vegetations. If you want to pay a visit to Taihu Lake, you’d […]

Three Gorges on Yangzi River

The Three Gorges on the Yangzi River – longest river in China    Yangzi River is the longest river in China. It originates in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; it penetrates Hengduan Mountain and enters Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau; after it passes the Sichuan Basin, it stretches to the three mighty gorges; then it flows down into the vast east […]

Dujiang Dam – ancient hydraulic project of China

Dujiang Dam is an ancient hydraulic project of China and it is a world miracle nowadays.   It is the origin of the fertile land of Sichuan. The Dujiang Dam consists of the water diversion cofferdam in Yuzui, the water introduction project in Baopingkou and the overflowing project in Feisha cofferdam. The front part of […]

Forbidden City – Palace Museum of royal palace of China Ming and Qing Dynasties

Forbidden City – The Palace Museum of  the royal palace of China Ming and Qing Dynasties The ancient name of the Palace Museum was “the Forbidden City”. It was the royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Taihe Hall is one of the three halls in the Palace Museum; together with Zhonghe Hall and Baohe […]