China Lakes Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Bird Island – China national level natural preservation area

The Bird Island is located at the northwestern corner of Qinghai Lake and the entrance of Buha River to the lake. It is a national level natural preservation area. It is composed of five islands including Egg Island, Haixin Hill, Haixipi Island, Sand Island and Three-Stone Island as well as a water area, intertidal zone […]

Huzhu Beishan Mountain – Beishan National Forest Park in Qinghai China

Beishan National Forest Park is one of the intact natural forest resources in Qinghai Provinces, China.  The vegetation is vertically distributed with clear separating lines. Coniferous forest, hardwood forest and alpine bush and mesophorbium jointly constitute the uniqueness and diversification of the scenes of Beishan Forest, while snowy mountains, valleys, special-shaped peaks, stone forests, hornstones […]

Shouxihu Lake and Lemon Lake in Yangzhou China

Shouxihu Lake and Lemon Lake “Visiting Yangzhou in March when flowers are in their full blossom in mists” is an ancient description of the beautiful sceneries of Yangzhou. During the spring, new buds in willow trees grow out and peach flowers are in their full blossom. The Shouxihu Lake area is decorated with bending willows, […]