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Siberian Tigers Moaning for Eyes Carved out

Mo Chung fights the tiger again? Who pulled out eyes of these siberian tigers? The tigers, whose eyes had been gouged out, are crying in the cold wind, Chinese netizens angry. Do you have any sympathy?

Brother Sharp Xili Ge Fashion: China's Most Handsome Beggar

Brother Sharp Xilige Fashion: Who is Brother Sharp? Why is the China’s vagrant popular? How has he become the most handsome and fashionable beggar. Chinese Beggars Group Consider Him as Their Model.

Fake H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine & Poisonous Milk: Caution

Fake H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine and Poisonous Milk Hurt your health and endanger your life. How could you stay away from unqualified H1N1 Influenza Vaccine and fake milk? Why do we need medical detectives?

Kindergarten Violence: Teacher Beats Student in Public

Kindergarten Violence: A kindergarten teacher beats her student in public. How cruel. A little boy escaped classes from his kindergarten for missing mother, but soon he was caught by a young female teacher.

Make Government Affairs Public: Chinese Bold Town Stuns State Council

Investigation: Chinese first completely public rural township alerted the State Council. The State Council telephoned the People’s Government of Sichuan province, requesting to publicize the matter on the Baimiao Town’s operational cost.

Rumor? South China Drought Predicted by American Years Ago

Astonishing rumour? South China Drought Predicted by American 7 Years Ago? Why didn’t the American predict their own natural disasters? Why didn’t they predict the 911 incident? It must be a coincidence.

China real estate bubble: Monthly Salary 4K, Housing Loans 1M

China real estate bubble: Review on Dwelling narrowness. I have a monthly salary of RMB 4,000 yuan after taxes. How shall I live on if I take a housing loan of 1 million? I am a girl and reluctant to be bound by the bank debts.

Rich Poor Gap in China: How Poor Chinese People Come Out

How the poor come out in China? Why are some poor while others rich? Are the rich all higher animals? The poorest group in China are farmers who has been famous for their diligence and tolerance of hardship for a long history.

Premier Wen Jiabao Moves Me to Tears During Drought Inpection

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Moves Me to Tears During Drought Inpection. At the sight of the serious Chinese drought disaster, he completely ignores his own health. My eyes become moist slightly and burst into tears all of a sudden.

Foreign Beggars Kneel Down Chinese Street

Foreign Beggars in China? Surprising. A foreign beggar kneels down a Chinese street, two Russian beggar beg for tour fees in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and Foreign beggars preying on charitable locals.