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Regong Arts – Deployment of Holy Water

Tongren is called Regong in Tibetan language. In the 14th and 15th century, Tibetan Buddhism was transmitted into Tongren area, and peoples of Tibetan and Han nationalities from the Upper and Lower Wutun, Nianduhu, Duosairi, Guomari, Tuojia and other natural villages around Zuolongwu Town start painting, sculpture and stone carving mainly for religious services, called […]

Princess Wencheng Temple with Big-Sun Buddha Statue

The historically famous cultural relics of “Big-Sun Buddha Statue and its Temple” are well known as “Princess Wencheng Temple”, belonging to Zhigong Gaju Sect, Tibetan Buddhism. It was said that when Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, she rested here for a month and ordered her attendants to carve nine Buddha figures in the cliff. Upon the […]

Taer Temple of Lama Sect in Tibetan Buddhism

Taer Temple is one of the six temples of Gelu Sect in Tibetan Buddhism (also named Yellow Sect), which was originated in 1560 with land area of 400,000m2. The whole monastery matches the undulation of the mountains, with Grand Jinwa Temple, Little Flower Temple, Grand Hall, Nine-Unit Hall, Ruyi Pagoda, Gate Pagoda, totaling more than […]