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What’s your favorite book or author, and why?

What’s your favorite book or author, and why? If it’s different from your favorite, what one book would you recommend to others? With the titles of the books you list, in two sentences, can you give a concise summary?

Nonsense by Experts

Mr. Lu Xun the China famous writer said: “Experts often talk nonsense.”  Today, “old-typed foolish citizens are still many, but new-typed ‘foolish citizens’ have also reached a certain scale.” Old-typed foolish citizens are those illiterate people, but new-typed foolish citizens are those who follow authorities like sheep and believe experts’ nonsense blindly.

Revaluation of Longevity

When someone asked Buffett, the famous U.S. investor, “Once you become the top rich man in U.S., what other goals will you have?”,he answered without hesitation: “Become the person with the longest life in U.S.!”  Just as the ancient saying goes: “Of myriad things in the universe, longevity is the most valuable.” A long life […]

Wang Xiaoping is a paradigm of great accomplishments

Recommendations and Praises from Personnel Scientists on The Second Declaration Whenever Wang Xiaoping publishes a book,it will excite me. In spite of her young age, all she thinks about are issues that have tortured us grown-ups all the time. I have spent many years studying theories on ideal mankind and future mankind all over the […]