Cheap Hotels Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Best Travel Deals Guide: Discount Packages for Los Angeles and Bangkok Escape

You can find many Los Angeles discount hotels near the beach or in downtown area—or down the coast in Long Beach for your flavor. Los Angeles hotel deals range from free breakfast to free nights and often include a percentage off your stay.

Metropol, New York’s Newest and Best Boutique Hostel

Metropol is the most popular hotel in New York as customer satisfaction, wher you can enjoy higher standards with lower rates. What’s more, it always make you feel right at home and enjoy your stay in the city.

Budget Travel Tips: Affordable Florence Journey

Florence is the land of the Renaissance, the home of the intelligentsia and masterworks, the purveyors of handmade shoes and the finest leather, and the stage for exquisite food and top-flight wine. Florence still has the ability to surprise, with modern art, specialty shops and trendy bars. In other words, it’ll cost you. But if you know where to look, you’ll see that some euros go farther than others.

Travel Hotel Advisor: Top 8 Cheap Hotels in Vancouver

If you are travelling on a budget and you want to spend more of your money on attractions and sightseeing than on a hotel, get to know the hotel prices can help to save lots of money. Check out these great Vancouver budget hotels.