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Becoming gods is ultimate objective of human development

Becoming gods is the ultimate objective of human development, being the supreme prospect of human development. Since we value human development,we should value becoming “gods”;Since we seek human development,we should seek becoming “gods”. Since human development is above everything, the value of becoming “gods” should also be greater than everything! Human development is both the […]

Human Shall Learn Classical Novel Pilgrimage to the West

Chinese classical novel titled Journey to the West is well-known work in all the Chinese world. It has the other title Pilgrimage to the West. In the novel, the most attractive, most impressive and most lovable figure is Sun Wukong the Monkey King.  Sun Wukong started as a little stone monkey, rushed into the Dragon Palace to […]

Embossed Embroidery – Art Miracle of Tibetan Buddhism Temple

Embossed embroider is a variety derived from the traditional embroidery. Colorful satins are cut into needed forms, such as Buddha, hills and water, flowers and plants, birds and beasts and with wool and cotton as filling, the embroidery will be linked on the basis of cloth with strong 3D sense. The embossed embroidery of Taer […]