Buddha Reincarnation Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Buddha Reincarnation – animal reincarnation and human reincarnation

There are two kinds of reincarnation, “animal reincarnation” and “human reincarnation”in Buddha Reincarnation. In “animal reincarnation”, the player turns the incarnation drum clockwise, where a cycle of the drum equals a turn of scripture recitation. The reincarnation drum is like a barrel, filled with paper scriptures painted with color pattern and six-character truth in Tibetan […]

Religious Meetings at Buddhism Rituals

Every year, temples and monasteries of various sects of Tibetan Buddhism hold solemn ritual meeting of different scale and frequency, where Buddha in the Sun, Buddha Reincarnation, accompany dance, ritual king dance and horse-head guardian warrior dance are performed together with other activities. Tibetan Buddhist culture has its own music and upon holding of ritual […]