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Human-centered Productive Force: Deity-Oriented Development and Countless Geniuses

Human-centered Productive Force: Deity-Oriented Development and Production of Countless Geniuses The product of human-centered production is human itself. All that are attached to the human body, such as human life, health, youth, knowledge, skill, intelligence, moral and so on, may bring about more special productive forces. In future economic activities, the human-centered productive force will […]

Directions of Future Mankind Development

Mankind should take resolute moves to practice the undertaking of birth optimization through technology, body optimization through technology and education optimization through technology! OK, let’s read a story first. Shao Xiaobo is a pupil of Class 8 of Grade 1 of Shanghai Yuanfang Senior Middle School. In the eyes of his teachers and classmates, or […]

Evolution into high-leveled super mankind of eternal life

In today’s mankind,their disesteem and overlook of the value of life are astounding, especially in our great populous country educated by the ancient tenet of “dying to achieve virtue”. On the early morning of June 23, 2005, a 40-year-old farmer migrant worker from Gansu Province, Wang Guoqing, was detained by three law enforcement officers. They […]