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Future economy will be ruled by culture industry on life style

Let’s look at the culture industry first. The future economy will be ruled by the culture industry. In many developed countries and regions,the culture industry is a rising new force constituting a very important part in economic growth, and will become a major growth point and mainstay industry in their national economy. Just as Daniel […]

The Second Declaration – Chinese Bestseller by Wang Xiaoping

The Second Declaration was Written By Wang Xiaoping the Chinese writer. It is an unprecedented marvelous book that will produce a far-reaching effect on mankind and the whole world. The Second Declaration is a bestseller on the secret of wealth that will turn out numerous multimillionaires and billionaires in future. The Second Declaration is a life textbook […]

Comments on the Bestseller THE SECOND DECLARATION from Experts Philosophers

Wang Xiaoping is a very excellent girl. She is courageous enough to break away from mundane traditional ideas and walk independently, and also bold enough to open her mind to the society. The Second Declaration is another book of hers on futurology after the publication of her Ability Panic that propagates the Great Success wisdom, and from […]

The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping, a Book of Future Thinking

The Second Declaration is the first Chinese influential book in terms of “future thinking”. It is a book about Mystery of Fortune, about Future of Man, bout Prospect of Economy and about Truth of Fortune, Life and Dream The Book titled The Second Declaration is a remarkable work, which challenges Toffler’s the Third Wave, and works […]

The Second Declaration: Both Chinese and English Bestselling Book

After its success in China, the Chinese bestseller titled THE SECOND DECLARATION is being on its journey to the English-speaking world.  In January 2008, it will be published with the 1st World Publishing, USA. By then, the English-speaking people have the chance to read this first Chinese book in terms of future thinking.  The Second […]

A Bestseller Writer Story: Wise Girl Wang Xiaoping

I have interviewed many people for news stories. Some of them are so amusing as to make you laugh your heads off, some are so touching as to move you to tears, some may damage your mood or depress you. But I feel, the story about Wang Xiaoping is most effective in encouraging people to make […]

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal

Science Will Make Man Live Forever and Eternal With the cooperation of all the scientists in the world and the collaboration of the governments from different countries, we see the hope of human. Earlier, we needed at least several decades of time to discover a new pathogen. But till the end of last century, we just […]

Acclaim for the Birth of Great Thoughts

Obviously, the author wants to emphasize the importance of the thought put forward by this book and to mention it in the same breath of evolutionism. And it guides the evolutionism as the first declaration of human. To think carefully, it may be not reasonable. Evolutionism is to discover and admit the existing fact and […]