Beijing Travel Agency Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Beijing Theatre – Record from early Qing Dynasty of China

Beijing Theatre – Record from early Qing Dynasty of China  Beijing is the cultural centre of China. When you arrive at Beijing you can enjoy so much of the youthful ideas, like a breath of fresh air from a modern civilization. When you arrive in Beijing you can sample and taste the elegance and innocence […]

Tiananmen Gate – Symbol of New China

Situated on the heart of Beijing, Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) was initially erected in 1417, known as Chengtianmen (Gate of Receiving Orders from Heaven). It was rebuilt and given its present name. The gate itself consists of a grand platform surmounted by a wooden nine-bay gate-tower and five vaulted gateways below the gate-tower. The […]

Forestation – China Our motherland

Forestation: Our motherland is becoming green.  The mountains turn green, the water turns green and all the land turns green. Human beings plow green on the land we live with our diligent hands; while the green vegetations provide a better condition for our life. To carry out forestation is our responsibility. You plant some tree, […]